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Google Maps for Android Loses Essential Location Feature, and Everybody Is Confused

The location-sharing feature bundled with Google Maps comes in handy for so many people out there, and the Mountain View-based search giant has tried to make it as straightforward as possible.
Google Maps on Android 6 photos
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But of course, given that enabling this feature essentially allows someone else to keep an eye on your location, Google has also focused a lot on the privacy controls available for Google Maps.

So when sharing the location with someone else, you can easily set a time limit, though, at the same time, Google Maps also includes an “Until I turn it off” setting. In other words, this shares your location with someone else without a time limit until you manually end it.

However, it looks like some users on Android have come across a glitch that showed up all of a sudden and which seems to impact a growing number of devices. According to their posts here on Google’s forums, sharing the location using the “Until I turn it off” setting is no longer possible, though the whole thing happens in very, very mysterious ways.

First and foremost, the feature is still there, but enabling it no longer shares the location at all. Second of all, it only seems to be broken with some specific contacts while working just fine with others.

Users who are struggling with this problem claim Google Maps otherwise runs flawlessly on their devices, and this is the only feature no longer working properly. The behavior was noticed earlier this month, and it’s believed a recent update caused a glitch that only some users ended up struggling with.

At this point, nobody knows exactly what’s happening, especially because the feature only seems to be broken down for some specific contacts. Someone on Google’s forums suggests it might all be caused by an age requirement limitation, though on the other hand, this is unlikely to be the case, like all the other modes of the location-sharing work properly.


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