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Google Maps Disappears From Android Auto, Here’s a Fix If You Don’t Want to Use Waze

Google Maps was, is, and will most likely continue to be the number one choice when it comes to mobile navigation apps on both Android and iPhone.
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But just like many apps running on Android Auto, Google Maps sometimes ends up struggling with various glitches, some of them making it nearly impossible to use the navigation in a car.

One such problem seemingly happens after the update to Android 12. More and more users reveal that after installing Google’s latest operating system version on their devices, Google Maps is no longer available as an app on the home screen.

In other words, if they want to use Google Maps, it’s pretty impossible to launch it, simply because the app no longer shows up. Voice commands aren’t working either, as Google Assistant seems to try to launch Google Maps but eventually fails to do it without any further input.

Google is already investigating the problem, but given the number of users impacted by the bug keeps growing, every little fix that could address it temporarily is more than welcome.

Someone on Google’s forums has come up with a quick solution for all those who don’t want to make the switch to Waze for now.

It all comes down to launching Google Maps and setting up the navigation on the mobile device without the phone connected to the car and Android Auto running on the screen. If you enable Google Maps navigation on the smartphone, when the connection to the head unit is established, and Android Auto fires up, Google Maps should then show up on the screen to provide the instructions to reach the destination.

Obviously, this isn’t exactly the most convenient workaround, but it’s one way to continue using Google Maps and delay the switch to an alternative app.

Google’s investigation is still underway right now, and there’s no ETA as to when a fix could become available.


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