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Google Maps Car Hits Bambi, Uploads the Incident Online - Update

Since it covers thousands of miles in every little corner of the world, the typical Google Maps car is obviously prone to all kinds of incidents, including wildlife that sometimes is impossible to avoid.
Bambi found the worst moment to cross the road 1 photo
And unfortunately, this poor deer in Honeoye Falls, New York, has found just the worst moment to cross the road, as it jumped in front of the Google Maps car right when the staff was around capturing photos for the Street View feature.

Judging from the images that ended up online on Street View, Bambi ended up on the side of the road after the hit, and while we can’t tell for sure the crash was fatal, it certainly doesn’t look well.

The good news is that the Google Maps car actually pulled over after the collision, though we don’t know if the search giant’s staff just wanted to check out the vehicle and evaluate the damage. But interestingly enough, there’s a good chance the cameras were shut down after the incident, as the car didn’t continue its route, and the Street View imagery ends in the place where the car was stopped.

For now, we’ll assume the Googlers just took the deer to the vet and saved its life, though again, judging from the aftermath Google Street View photos, it’s pretty clear it was quite a violent crash.

According to the date posted on Google Maps, the whole thing happened in August 2007, so the photos are at least 13 years old. It’s uncanny, however, to see Google leaving such images online, especially because the likelihood of users coming across the footage is obviously high, especially since so many users are scanning Google Maps for all kinds of shenanigans.

You can check out the whole thing on this link right here, but be warned that the Street View imagery that’s posted on this page could include content that some viewers might find disturbing.

UPDATE: November 17, 2020

Google has quietly blurred the deer on Google Maps, so the Street View imagery is now less graphic.

Editor's note: WARNING: the video contains images some viewers might find disturbing.


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