Google Maps Alternative Gets Major Update With New Maps

While Google Maps is currently one of the leading choices whenever it comes to mobile navigation apps, the number of worthy alternatives currently available to drivers proves finding a replacement isn’t by any means difficult.
MapFactor Navigator 22 6 photos
MapFactor Navigator 22MapFactor Navigator 22MapFactor Navigator 22MapFactor Navigator 22MapFactor Navigator 22
And without a doubt, one of the best solutions comes from MapFactor, with the company’s very own Navigator already available not only on smartphones but also on Windows devices.

This week, MapFactor Navigator received a major update on Windows and Windows CE, with the biggest change coming down to the latest maps that are provided by TomTom. In other words, Navigator 22 ships with up-to-date TomTom maps, and they are available on any Windows device where the app is installed.

More than 200 countries are covered by the new maps, the company says, but keep in mind that in order to use the TomTom data, you must be running the pro version – the standard package comes with free OSM maps.

Navigator 22 comes with up-to-date maps for both the standard navigation solution, which is aimed at passenger cars, and the truck-optimized software, which obviously provides step-by-step guidance for larger vehicles, such as lorries.

As far as the truck navigation is concerned, Navigator 22 works exactly as you’d expect it to work. Using the latest TomTom maps, the application is looking for a route that makes sense for the type of vehicle you drive, therefore making sure that you are always sent to appropriate roads where you can easily fit. The routing algorithm takes into account the height and weight of the vehicle, so it always tries to avoid low bridges, narrow lanes, and other obstacles.

At the end of the day, Navigator 22 is just another major update for a solution that has already demonstrated it can become the daily driver for many people out there. The Windows flavor works on any version of the operating system starting with Windows Vista and ending with Windows 11.


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