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Google Maps Alternative Gets Huge Update With New Android Auto Features

There are plenty of Google Maps alternatives out there, and finding the right app to replace Google’s navigation solution isn’t necessarily mission impossible if you know precisely where to look.
MapFactor Navigator on Android Auto 6 photos
MapFactor Navigator on Android AutoMapFactor Navigator on Android AutoMapFactor Navigator on Android AutoMapFactor Navigator on Android AutoMapFactor Navigator on Android Auto
For example, if what you want is traffic navigation and nothing more, Waze is probably the best option, especially thanks to its incident reporting engine.

MapFactor Navigator also promises state-of-the-art navigation both on Android and Android Auto, and one of the things that set it aside from the rest of the crowd is the fast pace of receiving major updates.

The latest update, which brings the app to version 7.2, comes with goodies for Android and Android Auto, including a new search feature that allows users to look for favorites. The idea is as simple as it could be: because of Google’s limitation to only display six entries, viewing all favorites wasn’t possible, so the search feature came to resolve this drawback.

Furthermore, Android Auto users are also being provided with a new option that allows them to download maps without having to touch their mobile devices. Everything happens on the head unit in the car, but of course, the data is still stored on the smartphone.

As far as the Android experience is concerned, MapFactor Navigation is getting a search feature for countries, and of course, this comes in very handy given the app supports no more no less than 200 regions.

And last but not least, the app is also getting an updated welcome screen with map data selection.

As you already know, Navigator supports two types of map data – free OSM maps created by volunteers from all over the world and professional maps created by TomTom. When selecting which provider to use there is now more information to introduce the basic advantages of each set of maps,” the parent company explains.

The new version of the app is already available for download on Android devices from the Google Play Store.


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