Google Investigating Major Android Auto Annoyance Is the First Good News of 2021

As most Android Auto users out there know already, the experience with this app depends on a lot of things, including the latest updates, the cable used to power the connection, and the head unit itself.
Android Auto UI 1 photo
As a result, bugs that more or less ruin the experience with Android Auto happen every once in a while, and one of the most recent concerns Pandora music app.

Users on Google’s forums have been complaining that Pandora starts playing music immediately after the phone is connected to the car and Android Auto launches. In addition, the whole thing happens even if the option to automatically resume media is not enabled.

In other words, Android Auto is being told not to play the music automatically, and yet, it still does, and nobody knows exactly what to do.

I have unchecked ‘Automatically resume media’ in Android Auto, in Pandora I have toggled off ‘Launch from car’, and Pandora still launches when Android Auto launches. I have gone through the community posts and all the posts describing the same issue have been locked with no solution given,” someone on Google’s forums says, explaining that several other users hit the same problem.

The good news is Google responded pretty fast this time, and a member of the Android Auto team confirmed the bug is already under investigation. More information would be shared when it’s available.

What this means is the Android Auto team is already looking into what could go wrong and then possibly develop a fix, though it goes without saying you really shouldn’t hold your breath for a patch anytime soon.

In the meantime, Android Auto 6.0 is just around the corner as the biggest update in a long time, and it could bring highly anticipated goodies such as wallpaper support. Google hasn’t provided any ETA as to when this update is supposed to go live, but it’s expected to land by the end of the month.


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