Good Guy Google Says Major Android Auto Improvements on the Way

The experience with Android Auto has been far from perfect lately, with users reporting a series of new problems, including broken connectivity with the Samsung Galaxy S20 and voice commands that no longer worked when trying to respond to messages.
New Android Auto refinements coming 1 photo
And now Google has confirmed it’s investigating some of these reports, while also promising improvements for the experience in certain scenarios.

First and foremost, there are multiple bugs that the Android Auto team is currently investigating, including the error message indicating that “the app isn’t compatible with your device anymore,” the auto-launching no longer working, and the issues experienced with the Galaxy S20.

Furthermore, Google says the Android Auto team is looking into the disconnecting that happens when the phone charge reaches 100 percent, while also investigating the reports claiming that the music does not resume after a phone call ends.

There are also fixes that are on their way, including for the Pulse SMS app that is now listed as incompatible. Google says it’s the Assistant team the one that’s working on a fix, so sooner or later, we could get a new Google app version that would bring things back to normal.

As for the ETA when all these fixes could land, you really shouldn’t hold your breath for them. A new version of Android Auto is expected in a few weeks, but for the time being, it’s still not known if any of these improvements could be part of the release.

The good news is that some of the fixes are also linked to the Google app, which in the last few months has received updates at super-fast pace. In other words, there’s a good chance that a bunch of improvements for the overall Android Auto experience would land rather sooner than later.

As usual, keeping all your apps completely up-to-date is the easiest way to be sure you’re getting all the latest fixes.


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