Google Glass Will Keep You Awake while Driving

We all know how hard it is to drive at night and the amount of concentration it takes, plus the numerous cups of coffee one needs to drink. So, wouldn’t it be terrific to have some sort of gadget to keep you awake when you feel like taking a small nap, while driving?! If the answer is “yes” let us tell you some developers could have found the perfect solution with Google’s Borg retrofit.
Google Glass 1 photo
Photo: DriveSafe App
It seems they might have struck gold with an app called DriveSafe as this particular app uses the accelerometer built into the Google Glass app to actually determine if a driver is dozing off behind the wheel.

How does it work? Well, for example if you are tired and your head falls below a certain angle, the DriveSafe app will sound an alarm through a conductive bone speaker and jolt you awake. Also, in case you are one of those people that isn’t a light sleeper, know that this won’t be a problem. The DriveSafe can actually tap into the navigation app and offer assistance as to where the nearest rest areas are.

If you don’t believe us, you can try it out all by yourselves. The only thing you should know is that DriveSafe doesn’t come with MyGlass control yet, so you need download the app separately.

Still, let’s be honest and admit the fact that the whole thing sounds pretty good. Yes, we know that some automakers have also experienced with similar technology such as the guys from Audi, Mercedes and even Infiniti, but unfortunately nothing was released. Also, one big advantage of this app is that all drivers can use it, no matter what they are driving.
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