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Google Finally Provides Advice for One-Year-Old Android Auto Problem

As many of us learned the hard way, Android Auto can sometimes turn from a super-useful system into a small nightmare, all because of issues showing up all of a sudden and which nobody knows how to fix.
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The one we’re highlighting today seems to be just that, as someone is complaining on Google’s forums that a brand-new Samsung Galaxy A80 never worked with Android Auto. And the problems are already one year old, they say. What’s even more worrying is that no fix is currently in sight.

At this point, this doesn’t seem to be a widespread issue, though I’ve seen people complaining of a “phone doesn’t respond” error on Android Auto before. However, Google has actually decided to chime in and provide some workarounds, eventually recommending those coming across similar problems to reach out to the company for more information.

Basically, the bug occurs when the smartphone is plugged into the head unit, with the “phone doesn’t respond” error showing up on the screen. The generic workarounds, such as replacing the cable, cleaning the USB port, clearing the cache, and everything else, don’t seem to make any difference.

Google, however, is highlighting more generic workarounds, such as force stopping Android Auto, installing the latest version, setting the right permissions on the phone, and trying out different cords.

Connectivity issues can occur due to several factors (car, phone, USB cable, software, etc) that can affect the performance of Android Auto. We recommend trying the troubleshooting steps on this FAQ thread to help with your experience,” a member of the Android Auto team says before explaining that users can reach out to the support team for additional assistance if nothing seems to work.

Indeed, there are issues that are impossible to fix using generic workarounds, and time will tell if this error eventually gets a full fix or not. In the meantime, trying the steps detailed above by Google is pretty much the only way to go for those coming across this problem.


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