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Google Confirms Update Fixing Long-Time Android Auto Glitch

Android Auto is getting more and more fixes these days, and most recently, Google itself confirmed that a long-time problem in the app has finally been resolved.
The glitch only seems to affect OPPO phones 6 photos
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If you’ve used Android Auto with an OPPO phone, you probably know already that in some cases, the app just turned to a black screen whenever the mobile device locked.

In other words, you just had to keep the phone unlocked for as long as you wanted to run Android Auto in your car, and of course, this wasn’t necessarily convenient, especially when driving during the night.

The struggle was first reported in the summer of 2020, and since then, more and more users have confirmed a similar behavior on their phones too. In almost every single case, OPPO mobile devices were the ones impacted by the glitch, and this signaled that Android Auto wasn’t the only one to blame but also the operating system installed on the phone.

Google has been investigating the whole thing for quite some time, and the company even asked for additional phone logs from the impacted users in an attempt to figure out what happens.

And most recently, the search company came up with the news that everybody was waiting for: the problem has finally been resolved, and a new update should bring things back to normal.

Worth knowing, however, is that the fix is bundled with an operating system update shipped by OPPO, so it won’t be patched when installing the latest Android auto version. Google hasn’t provided any specifics on what version of the operating system addresses the glitch, but it recommends users to keep their mobile devices up-to-date.

In the meantime, however, users of non-OPPO phones are also reporting similar problems, and given Google says this happened at the OS level, a fix for other brands is rather unlikely. It remains to be seen if additional improvements are included in the next Android Auto updates, but for now, Google is still tight-lipped on this front.


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