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Google Confirms Essential Android Auto Feature Could Disappear on Android 11

Android 11 is now available for download, and this is good news not only for mobile users but also for those who turn to Android Auto for an upgraded experience behind the wheel.
Android Auto calendar 1 photo
And it’s all because Android 11 unlocks the Android Auto wireless mode for everybody, which means that you no longer have to own a Samsung or Google phone to use it. The only requirement now is a compatible head unit and a smartphone running Android 11.

Shortly after the Android 11 rollout kicked off, some Android Auto users noticed that the Calendar app, which Google announced with much fanfare last month, was no longer there when the new operating system was installed on their devices.

While nobody could tell why this happened, Google quickly started an investigation, and the company circled back a few hours ago to provide Android Auto users with more information and an easy workaround.

As it turns out, the Calendar app is disabled on devices where the latest Android Auto version isn’t installed, and this is actually the workaround too: just download version 5.6 and you should be good to go.

If you're seeing the 'Calendar' app missing on Android Auto after upgrading your Android operating system to Android 11, please update your Android Auto app to version 5.6, which is gradually rolling out the next few weeks to help fix this issue. For those on Android OS 10, the ‘Calendar’ app is readily available after Android Auto version 5.5,” a member of the Android Auto team explains.

So there you go, if you install Android 11 and the Calendar feature is no longer there in Android Auto, just make sure that you’re running the latest version of the app. At this point, the newest release is Android Auto 5.6, but Google is expected to roll out another update, most likely version 5.7, later this month or in early October.


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