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Google Asks for Help to Fix One of the Most Unexpected Android Auto Problems

Samsung’s recently-announced Galaxy S22 Ultra is considered by many the best Android phone money can buy right now, as it comes with top-notch specs in all regards.
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And given it’s an Android phone, it obviously supports Android Auto as well. However, many early buyers were surprised to see Android Auto broken on the $1,000+ phone, and without a doubt, this is something you wouldn’t necessarily expect when spending that much on a flagship device.

The connection glitches are making it impossible for Android Auto to launch when the phone in charge of powering the whole experience is a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

There are plenty of reports signaling the same problem all over the web, and more often than not, users explain that older Android devices work just fine with the same cable and head unit. In other words, the problem seems to be exclusive to the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as, for some reason, the device can’t launch Android Auto when it’s connected to the car’s receiver.

Nobody knows for sure what exactly happens, and as a result, finding a workaround is pretty difficult.

Google also seems to be having a hard time figuring out why Android Auto isn’t working on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, so the company is now hoping users can help.

The search giant has posted on its forums to call for users to submit bug reports from their phones, therefore letting the Android Auto team further investigate the problem. If you want to help, head over to the link mentioned above and reach out to the company to send your bug reports.

At this point, it’s hard to tell when a fix could land, as the investigation still seems to be in its early phases. Unfortunately, there’s no temporary workaround to help users cope with the glitch until a patch goes live, so there’s not much you can try to use your shiny new Android phone in the car.


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