Google Apparently Has a DeLorean on Its Campus. Should We Be Afraid?

Can you imagine the tabloid headlines following this discovery? “Forget about self-driving cars, Google is now working on a time machine” and “Doc Emmet Brown might be real, and he’s working for Google.”
DeLorean DMC-12 at Google 1 photo
Photo: Jason Mayes on Google+
Back to reality. The man in the picture is called Jason Mayes and he’s a Custom Solutions Engineer at Google. He posted this image on Google+ - which is probably the only drawback of working for Google, having to use that poor Facebook surrogate - saying that he got to ride the DeLorean that day, but not much else.

The picture shows a half-uncovered DeLorean, just enough for Jason to squeeze in, which would suggest that the car is a permanent resident of the parking lot. Why would Google have a DeLorean on its campus? I don’t know. Why not?

A few years ago there were some videos circling the web showing a Google employee’s life at work, and suddenly everybody started to feel sad and depressed about their offices. It looked like the whole building was nothing more than a big relaxation room with anything from pool tables to video games and a cafeteria that’s better than the downtown restaurant where I ate last night. Unsurprisingly, Google was declared the best employer, a title it might still be holding now.

So it makes perfect sense for a bunch of nerds (it’s not a bad thing, so it’s OK to say it) with plenty of money on their hands to buy what has got to be the nerdiest sports car out there: the DeLorean DMC-12. Not everybody gets to play “Back to the Future” at work.

But we should get used to spotting DMC-12s around as the company that was previously only restoring them has just been granted the right to begin a small-scale manufacturing process. You can read more about that here, but the bottom line is that at the end of what’s surely going to be a very long waiting list, we’re going to be able to drive a slightly modernized DeLorean. That is, if Google employees don’t buy DeLorean Motor Company’s three-year production first.
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