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Google Announces Major Android Auto Fix, No Reason to Party Just Yet

There are many things that need to be fixed on Android Auto, but fortunately, Google is working on several fronts in this regard, and new patches are going live regularly.
Android Auto is getting a new important update 6 photos
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This means the company isn’t only trying to further polish the Android Auto experience on its own, but it is also collaborating with various third parties for the same purpose.

A recent announcement is just the living proof in this regard.

Google has recently revealed that it worked together with Xiaomi on resolving a very critical problem in Android Auto, with users now projected to get a new update in this regard rather sooner than later.

More specifically, users have been complaining that every time they unplug their phones from the car after running Android Auto and Google Maps, the mobile device feels extremely slow. The only way to recover the phone and return to its typical performance is to perform a full reboot.

By the looks of things, Xiaomi’s phones are the ones most often affected by the problem, and Google says the Chinese tech giant will soon ship an update to address the problem.

But as we learned the hard way, you really shouldn’t start the party until the fix lands, and it truly resolves the glitch.

A similar promise was made earlier this year for Samsung users, and while everybody held their breath on a bug-fixing update, not only the release was pushed back, but it also failed to resolve the Android Auto struggles for everybody.

So right now, Google confirming that Xiaomi is promising an operating system update to fix Android Auto is definitely good news, but only time can tell If the experience is returning to normal for everyone. Until this happens, however, users are still all alone in their struggle with slow mobile phones after running Android Auto in their cars.


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