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Google Announces Fix to Bring Back Google Maps on Android Auto

Google Maps has become a must-have for so many drivers out there, but as it typically happens in the world of Android Auto, a single glitch was all it took for the app to go missing all of a sudden.
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As a result, some unlucky Android Auto users no longer see Google Maps after plugging in the smartphone in their cars. And it goes without saying, the whole thing has created quite a confusion for drivers out there, especially as many were forced to give up on Android Auto and run Google Maps on their mobile devices.

Many blamed the update to Android 12 for the whole thing, but as it turns out, it’s all due to a setting that Samsung devices come with by default.

In other words, this glitch should only happen on Samsung devices, or at least, that’s what Google itself claims. The search giant has recently announced a workaround, explaining that smartphones sold by the South Korean company sometimes put apps in a deep sleep mode, and as a result, these apps no longer show up in Android Auto.

Google Maps is one of the apps that were impacted, so the workaround comes down to removing the navigation tool from the list of items configured to enter a deep sleep mode.

To do this, you first need to open the Settings menu and look for Device care or Battery and device care, depending on your Samsung model. Then expand the Battery section and look for Background usage limits. Tap the Deep sleeping apps list, and then remove Google Maps from the list.

Users have already confirmed the whole thing indeed works, but at this point, it’s not known if Samsung, too, is working on a fix to remove Google Maps by default from the list.

Of course, users are recommended to keep their devices up-to-date, just in case official patch lands.


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