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Google Announces Fix for Major Android Auto Error

If you’re an Android Auto user, you probably know already that the update to Android 12 is a risky move, as, for some reason, this new release does more harm than good in the car.
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Several Android Auto and Google Maps features ended up broken down after the update to Android 12, and needless to say, users have no other option than to wait for Google to come up with a fix.

The good news is the Mountain View-based search giant has started dealing with the Android Auto errors caused by Android 12, and the first one to be resolved concerns text messages.

Users who updated their smartphones to the new operating system version revealed on Google’s forums that their vehicles no longer send notifications when new text messages are received, therefore making it impossible to listen to the text or reply with a voice command.

For the past three weeks, Android Auto has stopped showing new text or other messages. If music is playing and a new message comes in, the music is turned down briefly as if to allow the new message notification to sound, but no sound and no message comes to the auto display, even though new messages have arrived on the phone,” one user explained on the forums.

A member of the Android Auto team confirmed a few hours ago that the problem was finally resolved in the latest version of the app.

Unfortunately, no specifics have been provided as to what version of Android Auto includes the fix, so your best option right now is to make sure the app is fully up-to-date. Android Auto is projected to receive a new update in just a few days, so maybe this upcoming release is the one including the fix.

For the time being, the good news is the message error has finally been resolved on devices running Android 12, so hopefully, more similar fixes are already on their way.


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