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Google Announces a Major New Google Maps Feature on Android Auto

Google Maps was, is, and will continue to be the top navigation app on Android Auto, and this is why new updates to further polish the experience in the car are critical for both Google and its users.
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And a few hours ago, the Mountain View-based search giant came up with another big announcement concerning Google Maps on Android Auto: the app is now fully optimized for right-hand-drive cars, with the navigation bar and turn information now placed closer to the driver.

While such an update has been around for a while, Google says it has updated Google Maps to adapt correctly on all screens, with every little essential part of the user interface to switch to the right mode automatically.

In other words, Google says that the user interface will orient itself optimally in both layout and language according to your car. Google Maps should be able to determine all by itself if you’re driving a left-hand or right-hand car and therefore use the correct mode with zero input from the user.

Most likely, however, this only concerns Android Auto running on factory-installed head units, as the struggle might continue on aftermarket receivers where obtaining such information isn’t as straightforward.

But on the other hand, there’s one major shortcoming for now. Google says the transition from one mode to another happens automatically, and an option to choose the orientation of the display would be coming soon. This means you won’t be able to manually choose how you want to use Google Maps, as the app would decide the orientation for you until this option officially arrives.

The search company says the new feature will go live for all users running the latest version of Android Auto, and of course, you’re also recommended to update Google Maps to the most recent release, just to make sure you’re getting all the improvements and fixes currently available.


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