Goodyear Electricity-Generating Tire Could Be a Nice Upgrade for e-Motorcycles

Goodyear BH03 tire concept 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) is not a new concept, as it has been around for quite some time now in one form or another, and its highest-technology use is most likely Formula One. However, things are evolving and tire manufacturer Goodyear has come up with a new prototype which could be in the game-changer zone if it makes it into production.
Goodyear BH03 tires have a rather simple principle (isn’t it so almost all the time?) but it looks like it needed a creative mind to sort things out and make them happen. The whole idea of the BH03 concept is to turn whatever heat is produced in the tire to generate electricity. And taking things even more, with piezoelectric elements inserted in the tire, the constant deformations during operation are also generating electricity.

A little current is better than no current at all

Some might argue that the current the Goodyear BH03 tires is weak. Well, it may be so, but at least we are talking about energy which is regenerated and routed back to the motor or batteries. The concept tires also have ultra-dark areas which are said to be able to capture whatever energy sunlight is provided when the car is parked.

Alongside them, the Goodyear BH03 tires come with special inserts which transform the heat building up in the tires in electric current. So far the technology is in its infancy, but things could technically work, from a scientific point of view. How will such a tire perform in the real life is yet to be found out, but if any of these technologies can be transformed into a commercially-viable one, we’re definitely going to see it implemented in the electric motorcycle segment.

Range is one of the main issues of bikes, even though it seems to steadily become less of a problem for cars. Adapting it to the specific constructive particularities would not be a hard task, even though we doubt that ALL technologies could be implemented in a bike tire. Anyway, such a power-generating tire could be a great addition to an electric motorcycle.

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