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Goodbye, Google Maps? Apple Brings New Navigation Features to More Users

Apple Maps is a pretty solid navigation app, but unfortunately, it’s mostly focused on the United States, with most of the regions here in Europe still waiting to get the massive update that Apple announced a long time ago.
Speed camera indicators on Apple Maps in Slovenia 1 photo
So in the meantime, most people just stick with Google Maps or Waze, simply because the number of alternatives when it comes to navigation apps is still pretty small.

But Apple is now working on dealing with this shortcoming, so the company is quietly rolling out new Apple Maps features to users in Europe.

For example, users on reddit have started reporting that the speed camera icons are now going live in Slovenia. The feature works exactly as you’d expect it to work, as you can see a small camera indicator along your route when you’re approaching it.

At the same time, users in Spain are also receiving the new navigation experience in Apple Maps, this time with speed limits, lane guidance, and more information on the route. The UI has also been updated to display more information on the map, so overall, it’s a highly anticipated refresh that Apple Maps is slowly getting in Europe as well.

Of course, the same improvements are also available on CarPlay as well for all users seeing these new features on their iPhones.

In the meantime, Apple has remained completely tight-lipped on the release of this update in Europe, which is quite a shame because users have been waiting for the new features since the company announced them in late 2019.

Worth knowing, however, is that the refreshed navigation experience is still lacking some new-gen features, such as the traffic lights and the stop signs. Most likely, they would go live in more European regions in the coming months, as they continue to be exclusively available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where the new Apple Maps refresh has already been released.


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