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Good to Remember: On the Highway, the Bigger Rig Always Has Right of Way

Different countries have different more or less legal rules about highway conduct. For instance, if a car on the first lane turns its left blinker on in Germany, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a Ferrari doing 200 mph on the outside lane ten meters behind, you should have foreseen this and reduced the speed. Now you’re going to have an accident and it’s only your fault.
Highway accident in China 1 photo
In other countries, the car with the blinkers would get a high beam flash from the speeding car and the other one would stay put, waiting for the Ferrari to pass. Meanwhile, in other countries, they don’t even use blinkers. Not to mention those countries where they don’t even have highways.

However, all these rules are always relative to the type of cars involved. For instance, if you’re about to get overtaken by a guy towing a camper trailer, you’re free to do whatever you want, nobody would ever take his side in the event of an incident. It’s the same with really old sports cars or hot hatches driven by really young people.

But there’s one type of vehicle that, unless there are some military tanks cruising the highway for some reason, trumps all the rules and should be treated with the respect it deserves: it’s the semi truck.

The only rule you should be thinking about when driving close to one of these is this: if it moves towards you, try to move away. If there’s nowhere to go, brake, brake, brake. If the driver is being a douchebag, then your primary concern should be making it out alive so that you can later have a talk with him.

The clip below shows one such case taking place somewhere in Asia - probably China - where the semi tanker actually signals its intention to change lanes, but either fails to notice the oncoming car or simply chooses to ignore it. The driver does brake, but it’s a little too late. Watch the whole thing here:


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