Good Guy Rider Chases Thief in Busy Traffic, Recovers Stolen Purse

Here's a heartening and most welcome video that casts good light upon the riding community. This footage was reportedly shot in Ukraine's capital, Kiev, and it shows how a rider leaves his bike in the middle of the road to chase down a purse thief.
A rider stops in busy traffic and starts chsing purse thief in Kiev, Ukraine 6 photos
Photo: Facebook capture
Chasing down thieves in KievChasing down thieves in KievChasing down thieves in KievChasing down thieves in KievReturning the stolen purse
It was truly nice to see the guy reacting so fast. His decision to pursue the thief was crucial in retrieving the stolen handbag, as he criminal could not get away with his prey.

Partly helped by the busy traffic on the other side of the road that slowed down the fugitive, the rider doesn't actually catch him, but causes him to drop the stolen purse before the thief disappears into the bushes.

The rider observes as the thief throws away the bag and retrieves it from the side of the road, returning it to its rightful owner. It goes without saying that this lady did not stand any chance to keep up with the thief, let alone catch up with him and possibly confront him.

Luckily, this good samaritan was nearby, willing to leave his bike unattended in the middle of the road before giving chase. And thankfully, nothing bad happened to his motorcycle, and he was rewarded with a kiss and kind words. We can hope that he also sent this footage to the cops, as the face of the thief can be seen very well in broad daylight, making identifying, tracking him down and prosecuting him much easier.

Now, motorcycle riders are often prejudiced against by the non-riding folks, and this, unfortunately, happens regardless of what type of bike they may be riding. I am pretty sure you know the most common prejudices, such as 1%-er in case the rider has tattoos and/or uses a cruiser, illegal street racers - in case of sport bikes, generic hooligans for dual-sport or supermoto riders, and so on.

Well, if you happen to know this brave rider, give the man a beer for the great service he did to the motorcycling community. Remember the veteran rider fighting off a fleeing criminal?

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