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Gone In 60 Seconds Meets Reservoir Dogs In Russia, Four BMWs Get Stolen

Daring heists are fun only in movies. However, some of those robberies are inspired by real events, but things do happen the other way round.
Synchronized carjacking in Russia 7 photos
Synchronized carjacking in RussiaSynchronized carjacking in RussiaSynchronized carjacking in RussiaSynchronized carjacking in RussiaSynchronized carjacking in RussiaSynchronized carjacking in Russia
We are not pointing fingers here, but a band of four thieves in Russia managed to steal a set of BMW models from a dealership in St. Petersburg like they were leaving their backyard.

While the modus operandi reminded us of the “Gone In 60 Seconds” movie, the confidence that the four thieves had as they approached the parking lot and their targets took us back to memory lane and made some of us think of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

As you can observe in the video below, each of the thieves gets into a BMW model after opening the door like it was their property. From there, they quickly depart the area, but this is also the least coordinated part of the heist. If you observe the video carefully, three of the four cars nearly collided in the thieves’ hurry to leave the scene.

As RT notes, the thieves made off with approximately $310,000 in vehicles. Russian police officers are searching for the thieves and the cars they stole. A close look at the video shows that the targets were among the most expensive models in the BMW range.

We are talking about a BMW X6, an X5, a BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo, and a BMW 7 Series. The cars were brand new, so none of them have any distinguishing features when compared to other identical vehicles found on the road.

If the thieves managed to part out the four cars, or if they already sent them to another country, the only chance authorities have comes in the form of discovering a paper trail of the suspects. There is also hope that someone will recognize a member of the group, or the vehicles, and will notify authorities.

Because the perpetrators had gained access to the vehicles in broad daylight and did not seem concerned about the possibility of being caught, assistance from an insider would not be surprising.

While it is possible to copy the key to a modern car within minutes, this heist involved four cars, which were high-end models and were conveniently placed near an exit. There is no word regarding suspicion of a former or existing employee, so we are just speculating on the latter aspect.


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