GoldenEye 1965 Aston Martin DB5 to Be Sold at Goodwood Auction

There’s something unique about cars that have stared in movies. For ages, car enthusiasts have paid fortunes for the right to own some of the iconic cars that made it to the big screen.
James Bond Aston Martin DB5 4 photos
1965 Aston Martin DB51965 Aston Martin DB51965 Aston Martin DB5
Of particular appeal are the cars used over the years in spy movies, especially the ones showing how James Bond saves the world. An announcement made on Wednesday by Bonhams is just the latest in a series of Bond-related car auctions we got to see this year.

During the Goodwood Festival of Speed event starting on July 13, Bonhams will be hosting its usual annual car auction. Among the dozens of high-profile cars to be sold, there is a 1965 Aston Martin DB5, driven back in the days of the GoldenEye movie by Pierce Brosnan.

To be more precise, the car is the same one used in the opening chase scene of the movie, where Bond races arch villainess Xenia Onatopp in her Ferrari through the hills above Monaco.

The current owner of the car purchased it in 2001, for a price that landed him the one of the most valuable piece of Bond memorabilia ever sold.  Since its purchase, it has been on display at both The National Motor Museum and the Bond in Motion exhibition at Covent Garden.

Until June 2, the Aston Martin would be on display at the Englefield House. After it reaches its sales location, the auctioneers hope to get anywhere between £1,200,000-1,600,000 for it ($1.6 million - $2.1 million) for the car.

'The DB5 is one of the most recognizable and desirable British classic cars in the world - it is also the ultimate Bond car,” said Bonham’s motor cars department director Sholto Gilbertson.

“Every fan remembers Pierce Brosnan tearing through the hills in this car, and it must be up there as one of the most thrilling Bond car chases in history. This Aston Martin is something very special indeed."


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