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Golden Lambo Aventador Gets Pulled Over by Cops

The gold-wrapped Lamborghini Aventador is definitely an opinion splitter. Some people like it, other hate it to death for the ostentatious (and fake - no real precious metal) gold-effect wrap applied to its body.
The car was recently filmed for some night driving shots, with the driver, David Brett, CEO of Lamborghini Miami, at some point speeding off ahead of the camera car, only to get pulled over by the cops. Apparently, they liked the golden car very much, so they let the driver go, despite clear indications that he was speeding.

If it had been the ‘Taste Police’, they would have given him a huge fine, impounded and crushed his car for being an insult to understated good taste everywhere. However, all jokes aside, it does its job of attracting potential Aventador customers very well, as it is a ‘mobile billboard’ to advertise Lambo’s new flagship.


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