"Golden Arrow" Yacht Has its Own Branded Car, Is Equipped for a Billionaire

Golden Arrow Superyacht 13 photos
Photo: Anton Kroshechkin
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Sure, we’ve seen lots of yacht designs going round and it seems we just don’t get tired of them. So, in the spirit of superyacht design, we’re here to show you a little wonder of that world.
What we’re looking at is called the Golden Arrow. It’s a superyacht concept by Anton Kroshechkin, a transport designer out of Genoa, Italy. Just so you understand what this gentleman does, you should learn that over 70% of the designs he throws at the world are those of yachts. With such a long history in designing yachts, you can expect a marvel.

And expect away, as you will not be let down. So, it’s obviously called the Golden Arrow for a reason. That reason being the golden appearance of the hull. However, we don’t know for sure if gold was used in its construction as gold is rather a soft metal and probably won’t fare so well on the seas, not as a hull anyway. All 295ft. (90m) of the hull is composed of that golden metal and balanced with black glass for a sleek and sharp look able to get the Queen Mary to look twice.

Unlike other superyachts, this one doesn’t have a large superstructure atop it, but rather a speed boat design, albeit much longer. But this sort of design allows the vessel to follow certain visual dynamics. For example, the long, sharp, and slightly downward pointing bow is one of the aspects that are indicative of fast boats. The sides of the hull continue to the rear of the vessel, while forward pointing angles help reinforce the fast look. The rear lines too drop down to the water line in speed boat fashion.

Golden Arrow Superyacht
Photo: Anton Kroshechkin
However, let's not forget it is a superyacht, and that means plenty of room for toys, perks, and activities. At the front of the vessel, we find a forward facing jacuzzi, all the while your parked helicopter looms in the background. Behind that we can see lounging/tanning beds and chairs. Behind the lounging area begins the navigational deck, and behind it a cinema and lounge.

The lower deck is really where the vessel can show off its interior design and glamour. To keep the entire vessel in balance, both inside and out, the interior is constructed using the same golden and black color scheme of the exterior. Minimalist lines have their place here as well. Aside from a couple of VIP rooms, most of this deck is occupied by the 984sq.ft. (300sq.m) owners' apartment. I don’t know about you, but I've been in smaller homes than this.

This space is so big that it’s been divided into several smaller spaces and even includes a set of stairs leading up to a lounge area. Another space here includes the bedding and tow personal dressing rooms, while another area includes two bathrooms, a sauna, and even a waterfall.

Golden Arrow Superyacht
Photo: Anton Kroshechkin
Another perk the owner has in this space are two panoramic windows. But because just having windows is overrated, the Arrow also includes two folding balconies that are actually segments of the hull.

At the rear of the main deck, we will find a pool, open beach club, and sea-level entry into local waters. But this near 300-footer even has room for two 32ft. (10m) tenders. And now, for one of those “But wait there’s more moments.” If somebody ever does happen to have an interest and goes out and commissions such a build, the owner will also receive a car to replace one of the tenders, built in the same style and colors as the Arrow.

Honestly, this yacht had me at the word “gold.” Everything else was to be expected when encountering anything meant for the billionaire's club.
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