Goblin Works Garage’s “Domi-Cafe” Is a Norton Dominator on Aftermarket Steroids

While the Dominator might be one gorgeous machine straight out of the box, this unique warrior is absolutely drool-worthy!
Domi-Cafe 16 photos
You might already be familiar with the bike we’re featuring today, since it made an appearance on Discovery Channel’s “Gobin Works Garage” TV series. The show is hosted by a revered trio that’ll make no compromises on their quest to deliver some downright fascinating two- or four-wheeled restomods, as well as several one-off undertakings that’ll have gearheads drooling.

In case this is the first time you’re seeing this custom entity, let me bring you up to speed. At its core, this alloy-clad predator is a 2017 variant from Norton’s mighty Dominator range. It is put in motion by a relentless parallel-twin powerplant, with two valves per cylinder head and a humungous displacement of 961cc.

This wicked piece of twin-cooled machinery will gladly generate as much as 80 hp at 6,500 revs, while an unforgiving torque output of up to 66 pound-feet (89 Nm) will be summoned at around 5,200 rpm. Given its state-of-the-art Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension units, it goes without saying the Dominator is an absolute beast. However, Britain’s aftermarket architects dialed everything to eleven!

First things first; the entire structure was stripped naked of its factory bodywork, which has been replaced by a tasty selection of aluminum items manufactured in-house. At the front, we spot a modified fuel chamber and a bespoke fairing that manages to look seriously venomous. These garments are appropriately complemented by a slim tail section and one ravishing leather saddle on the opposite end.

To bring about a clutter-free aesthetic, the new tail houses a complete rear lighting kit from Rizoma’s catalogue. Although the Dominator’s suspension was a genuine delight in stock form, the crew browsed Ohlins’ inventory to obtain higher-spec alternatives, including a pair of FGRT inverted forks and a top-shelf TTX GP shock absorber.

For a significant reduction in unsprung weight, the original hoops were discarded to make room for Blackstone Tek’s BST carbon fiber wheels. You will also find a unique stainless-steel exhaust system that enables the parallel-twin mill to breathe a little more freely. To give it a personality of its own, the creature has been dubbed “Domi-Café.”


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