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GMC Vandura Makes Digital Comeback as Sierra AT4X-Based Van

Now famous for its premium SUVs and pickup trucks, GMC has been offering vans for quite a few decades. Yes, the old Savana is still in production, but GMC introduced its first people mover in the 1960s.
GMC Vandura AT4X rendering 7 photos
GMC Vandura AT4X renderingGMC Vandura AT4X renderingGMC Vandura AT4X renderingGMC Sierra 15001987 GMC Vandura1976 GMC Vandura
That's when Chevrolet introduced the G-series van as a replacement for the Corvair-based Greenbrier Sportswagon. GMC joined in on the fun with the Handi-Van and the Handi-Bus. When Chevy redesigned the G-series for the third generation in 1970, its GMC counterpart became known as the Vandura. And it soldiered on for a whopping 25 years, becoming one of the longest-produced vehicle platforms by General Motors.

Come 2022 and the Vandura is the most iconic van wearing the "GMC" badge. Just as versatile as its Chevrolet counterpart, the Vandura was sold in both passenger and commercial configurations and spawned a long list of conversion variants, including campers and school buses. All with a few extras on top of the bare-bones Chevrolet package. Not surprisingly, many GMC enthusiasts would like to see the nameplate make a comeback.

Unfortunately, it's not going to happen anytime soon. But this didn't stop rendering whizz "jlord8" from doing a digital revival of the Vandura. And it's just a mundane Savana with a modernized front fascia. Nope, he went wild with a people hauler based on the GMC Sierra AT4X.

Yup, not only does it look just as modern (and I'd dare say fetching too) as the current Sierra truck, but it also packs the AT4X package that turns the pickup into a capable off-roader. On top of that, it's sleeker than the regular GMC van and it showcases a cabover-like stance thanks to a shorter hood.

It's quite ridiculous, I know, but it was crafted to go with other similar creations. Like the Ford E-Series Raptor and the Dodge Ram Van TRX that the same artist put together recently. Imagine having Detroit fight for supremacy on the high-performance, off-road-ready van market. Would that be awesome or what?

But it's time to get back to Earth and admire the Vandura AT4X for what it is. A ridiculously cool van that will never happen. Because sometimes we just can't have everything we want. Would you buy such a beast? I know I would!


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