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GMC Terrain-Based Typhoon Revival Doesn't Look So Cool You'd Want to Buy It

Currently focused on premium SUVs and trucks, plus with an eye on a sustainable future (Hummer EV SUV, Sierra Denali EV), one could say that GMC is prepared for anything. But how about nostalgic fans, does it have anything for them?
GMC Terrain Typhoon revival rendering by jlord8 9 photos
GMC Terrain Typhoon revival rendering by jlord8GMC TerrainGMC TerrainGMC TerrainGMC TerrainGMC TerrainGMC TerrainGMC Terrain
Well, if only its posh SUVs and trucks would not just be based on Chevrolet products but also have a link to a pair of extremely cool performance vehicles, enthusiasts would surely love them just like it is Syclone and Typhoon time all over again. Alas, they are not so lucky, at least not in the real world.

Over across the virtual realm, on the other hand, there is one prolific automotive pixel master who just cannot get enough of that pair. So, in between modern and vintage-flavored passenger cars, SUVs, or trucks, Jim – the CGI expert better known as jlord8 on social media – always finds time to give us a little bit of GM love.

Sadly, sometimes it is a hit-and-miss situation. Earlier this month, the virtual artist rekindled the passion for vintage or modern two-door pickup dreams and imagined a 2023 GMC Syclone based on the current Silverado/Sierra underpinnings. Naturally, that idea did not fly under the radar for too long, and based on the fan reception, it’s a wishful thinking truck that would sell like hotcakes if ever real.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the latest CGI version for a GMC Terrain-based Typhoon resurrection. It completely misses the mark on so many accounts that it is almost a shame the pixel master spent all that time imagining it. For example, people have noticed that it lacks any aggressive lines, has no retro cues, and is not even based on the latest, refreshed Terrain version.

In conclusion, not exactly the kind of 2023 GMC Typhoon revival that would make people run amuck trying to find ways to make it real! Then, perhaps, some of the older attempts (also embedded below) did a better job…

Editor's note: Gallery includes official images of GMC Terrain.


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