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GMC Hummer Rendered as 3-Row Electric SUV

In December 1999, AM General sold the Hummer name. General Motors did a lot of things with it, and despite what people say, the H2 and H3 were still pretty special.
GMC Hummer Rendered as 3-Row Electric SUV 4 photos
GMC Hummer Rendered as 3-Row Electric SUVGMC Hummer Rendered as 3-Row Electric SUVGMC Hummer Rendered as 3-Row Electric SUV
A "quiet revolution" is coming, though. The GMC Hummer truck was supposed to debut on May 20, almost exactly 10 years after the model went out of production. We know that it's fully electric and quite bold. But what if this one model is just the beginning of something bigger?

Many important SUV brands blossomed from just one model. Range Rover is like that, and so is Jeep. Both the BMW X5 and the Audi Q7 waited about four years before getting stablemates.

Many people have tried to render the new Hummer EV before it was ready, but only wb.artist20 had the audacity to think of it as a brand. This is his vision for a 3-row Hummer SUV that's supposedly also electric, and we've got plenty of positive things to say about it.

First of all, the only 3-row electric "SUVs" available right now are from Tesla. They're not very rugged-looking, and the last row isn't big enough for some people. Second, the Hummer pickup might already be the ideal length for this kind of family hauler.

General Motors is clearly betting pretty big here. The Hummer project must have cost them a lot of money, and it's based on pickup buyers wanting to go electric... which they don't. These are the guys blocking the Superchargers.

The 3-row Hummer rendering seems to be based on the new Chevy Tahoe, with the face from the teasers added on top. The last Hummer produced, the H3, also borrowed from the bowtie brand. It was based on the GMT355 platform, shared with the Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks. Oh, how people loved to complain about that!

If you think Hummers are for people who buy their steaks wholesale and want something more understated, we'd point you to the Rivian R1S. It looks more dignified and promises to have a 180 kWh battery pack giving it 410 miles of range.

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