GMC Hummer Launches with First World Series Game for Max Audience Reach

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GM is putting a lot of effort into the release of its all-electric pickup truck. The company is also hyping the new product through the stratosphere with claims that make it sound like an excellent EV, let alone an electric pickup truck.
That would make perfect sense since GMC is expected to release an SUV version shortly after that's based on the truck's platform, and the competition there is going to be a lot fiercer. Not that the electric pickup segment isn't about to get a very crowded place too with several companies - Tesla included, but also Ford - planning to release their entries into the segment over the next two years.

The GMC Hummer, however, is shaping up as one of the better options. For one thing, it claims to have more than decent specs. Range? Up to 400 miles (644 km), which is great. Power? How does 1,000 hp sound? Acceleration? Just three seconds for the 0-60 mph sprint in a car that, based on the teased outline, looks shaped like a brick (as any good pickup truck should).

Then there is the weirder stuff the Hummer gets. Things like the "crab mode", which is a fancy name for rear steering wheels, or the "adrenaline mode", which is probably how it can achieve that impressive acceleration run. The GMC Hummer is also in line to receive the best of the latest GM technology, whether we're talking about the Ultium batteries, the next-gen Super Cruise, or the Ultra-vision cameras.

There are less than two weeks left until the all-new Hummer's official launch (10.20.20), and while GMC continues to release teasers and the odd atmospheric clip, we also learn that GM's brand won't settle for the industry's new standard - a presentation aired live over the Internet - but, according to Automotive News, will use the first game of the World Series for maximum impact.

We all know how watching live events on the Internet goes - sometimes, life just gets in the way, and you either forget, or you simply don't have the time to sit down and take everything in. Baseball, though, that's something you tend to make time for, particularly if it's the World Series. Plus, GM has the numbers on its side: last year, close to 12 million were tuned for the first game, and with everything that's going on, there's no reason to think the number of people sitting in front of their TV sets is going to diminish this year.

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