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GMC Hummer EV Customers Are Faced With Long Waiting Times, GM Only Builds 12 Units per Day

General Motors is one of the many traditional carmakers that vowed to blow Tesla out of the water. With more than 77,000 reservations for the GMC Hummer EV, you’d think GM is on track to achieve this goal. And yet, the automaker is only building 12 Hummer EVs per day, meaning that reservation holders are in for a long wait.
GMC Hummer EV customers are faced with long waiting times, GM only builds 12 units per day 7 photos
GMC Hummer EV is worthy of its nameGMC Hummer EV is worthy of its nameGMC Hummer EV is worthy of its nameGMC Hummer EV is worthy of its nameGMC Hummer EV is worthy of its nameGMC Hummer EV is worthy of its name
GM poured billions into renovating its Detroit facility, where about 700 workers build the GMC Hummer EV. The results are yet to be seen, as recent reports by Wall Street Journal show that GMC only makes around 12 Hummer EVs per day. This is an unusually low pace for a vehicle that entered production over half a year ago.

Nevertheless, a GM spokesperson told the Wall Street Journal that Hummer EV production at Factory Zero is on schedule. According to them, the slower than normal ramp-up was partly caused by the new EV platform that GM developed from scratch. The same source is confident that the output will increase sharply in the second half of the year as a new battery factory comes online in Ohio.

Our ability to satisfy that demand is only going to improve as we bring on vertical integration of battery cell production,” a GM spokesman said to WSJ. “You can expect to see hundreds of deliveries grow to thousands later this year.”

GM spokesperson’s statement suggests that Hummer EV production is affected by the limited supply of battery cells, a problem the whole industry faces. Whatever the cause, GM is currently in a tight spot with GMC Hummer EV’s production. Ford is reportedly building around 150 F-150 Lightnings per day, and even Rivian has passed the 30 per day mark.

GMC Hummer EV customers will receive their beloved truck in more than 17 years at the current production pace. And for GM, it’s not only the Hummer EV that matters. The company will launch the mass-market Chevy Silverado EV starting next year, as well as several Cadillac and Buick electric vehicles. If batteries are holding the production down, it’s hard to imagine how GM would be able to surpass Tesla any time soon.


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