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GM Will Restart the Bolt EV Production on April 4, Killing Rumors That It Would Die

When GM revealed that the new Equinox would be an electric crossover costing around $30,000, many people declared that the Bolt EV was dead. Its production never restarted, which they interpreted as something permanent. GM denied that was the case and said the Bolt EV’s production should resume on April 4.
Chevrolet Bolt EV will not resume on April 4, 2022 6 photos
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Automotive News contacted GM and learned that the company decided to wait until it was able to replace the defective battery packs and also produce new vehicles. It was the most extended safety-related production halt the American automaker has ever recorded.

The numbers are massive, not only in terms of time. The recall will also cost around $2 billion, with most of it being paid by LG Energy Solution. A defect in its cells caused the fires that led to the recall. Manufacturing problems with the same supplier also led to the Hyundai Kona Electric recall.

The plan is to carry on production of both the Bolt EV and Bolt EUV until they are supposed to end their careers. In Bolt EV’s case, that should happen by 2023. The Bolt EUV will last a little longer: until 2024. That’s when the Orion factory – currently in charge of making these two cars – will start producing the Chevrolet Silverado EV and GMC Sierra EV. GM will make around 360,000 units of these electric pickup trucks per year there when the factory is at full speed.

The new EVs will all have GM’s Ultium batteries, jointly developed and produced with LG Energy Solution. After the Bolt EV episode, the American automaker ensured that its battery supplier followed new quality control standards to prevent similar issues with its new cells.

GM cannot afford to have another blow like the one it had with the Bolt EV. The company is investing $35 billion until 2025 to sell 30 new EVs globally. Any new fire issue could burn GM’s reputation beyond repair.


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