GM to Chrysler: You Weren't My First

Car makers have only ended a hellish week to start over an even hotter one. With sweaty foreheads and teary eyes, nearly empty-pocketed companies have been desperately trying to find viable solutions to further sustain themselves. GM is said to be in talks with Chrysler for a possible merger while Ford is allegedly looking to sell part of its 33.4% stake it holds in Mazda.

However, according to a recent NYT column, before Chrysler, there was Ford. It appears that GM has tried to get in the sack with the Big Oval for some time before wetting its lips at the prospect of having an affair with Chrysler. Cash-sensitive as are all big companies, especially today's given global financial situation, General Motors pondered at the prospect of attracting Ford into merger discussions.

According to the NYT source, talks between the two involved several meetings with GM's Rick Wagoner and Fritz Henderson on one side and the Ford couple of Bill Ford and Alan Mulally on the other. As with the recent Mazda speculation, inquired about the possibility of striking a deal with GM, Ford blandly responded through spokesman Mark Truby, "What we can say is that we are convinced our best opportunity is to continue to integrate Ford and leverage our global assets...that remains Ford’s focus”.

With the on-going economical recession and struggle for a future as a profitable company, GM appears to have desperately tried to plant its seed in other soil than its backyard while carefully concealing its distress. Not long ago, a short video statement from GM big-boss Rick Wagoner surfaced the web, in which he offered explanations regarding the company's current status, while stressing that trouble had not exactly made a lair within the corporation.

Having used what you may call a tone far from the “don't you dare think otherwise” one, it's safe to say the Wagoner failed to reassure GM enthusiasts or generally individuals preoccupied with such matters, that everything is fine. And judging by the NYT-disclosed merger attempts prior to Chrysler, GM tripped by the Recession wire, missed the "Fine seat" and face-planted into a "tear-puddle of Despair".
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