GM Design Imagines a Streamlined Cadillac Coupe We'd Love to Drive in 2030

Cadillac was founded in the summer of 1902 and just a few years later it became an integral part of the GM family (1909). Years have passed since (some 111 for anyone keeping track of stuff) and we can proudly say the luxury American brand has treated us with a few stunning concepts along the line. But it seems many more have been brewing under the surface and never got to see the light of day.
GM Design Cadillac Coupe render on Instagram 3 photos
GM Design Cadillac Coupe render on InstagramGM Design Cadillac Coupe render on Instagram
Case in point, this Cadillac coupe ideation sketch by Zhou Fang, the company’s Lead Creative Designer. Or the possible interior styling coming from Harish K. Kumar, the brand’s Creative Designer for Cadillac Interiors. We have no idea if they’re somewhat related to each other, but GM Design’s official account on Instagram did present them back-to-back.

One has to assume that for every stunning concept Cadillac has created over the years, a few (thousand) others were left on the drawing board. And for decades they have been dwelling in the shadows, soon forgotten. Luckily, today’s technological advancements have provided a neat relief, and we have grown accustomed to GM Design’s official account way of sending them into the Internet’s Aether for everyone to marvel at.

As far as the latest creations are concerned, we can easily imagine Fang’s Cadillac coupe would bode very well in a not-so-distant future with the rest of the company’s electrified lineup. Granted, if SUVs and crossovers don’t take over the planet by then... Though, if such cars were real, maybe the ailing coupe segment would stand a fighting chance.

Moving over to Kumar’s interior, we really have no way of knowing if this cabin ideation sketch has anything to do with the low-slung coupe (probably not but do let us dream). Still, it fits the general theme quite well, as it looks to have the current Escalade interior as a starting point and then a few futuristic ideas are mixed in (such as the yoke-like steering wheel) for good measure.


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