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Glass Tiny Home With an Outdoor Hot Tub Is the Epitome of Off-Grid Glamping

“Off-grid” and “glamping” might sound like opposite things, but they blend beautifully when it comes to this unique tiny home. Its modern look and outdoor hot tub give it a luxurious feeling in the middle of nowhere, while at the same time, it will challenge your self-sufficiency skills for an even deeper connection to nature.
The Tiny Glass House is a spectacular off-grid tiny home in Georgia 7 photos
The Tiny Glass HouseThe Tiny Glass HouseThe Tiny Glass House - OuthouseThe Tiny Glass HouseThe Tiny Glass HouseThe Tiny Glass House
Tucked away in Griffin, Georgia, this tiny house immediately stands out due to its glass structure that seems to clash with the surroundings while also immersing its guests in nature by blurring the boundaries. Don’t worry, it’s also fitted with curtains for more privacy.

On one hand, this is the perfect off-grid spot – there’s no Wi-Fi, the only source of electricity is a 1,000 W battery that’s provided by the hosts, and the bathroom consists of a separate wooden outhouse with an RV toilet and a cold water shower.

On the other hand, the generous bed that takes up most of the glass tiny home is a memory foam queen-sized bed for more comfort. Even if there’s only enough room inside for the bed, the glass walls create a feeling of spaciousness and create the illusions of sleeping in the middle of nature, while still being pampered. Plus, there’s an outdoor hot tub that seems great for a spa-like experience (but you’ll still have to work for it by making a fire and keeping it going for a couple of hours).

The tempting off-grid hot tub is accompanied by a fire pit and two Adirondack chairs for a cozy outdoor setting. The Tiny Glass House hosts provide guests with most of the camping essentials, from firewood to a battery, a propane cooktop, a couple of lanterns, sleeping bags, and a 40-gallon (151 liters) cooler.

If the idea of off-grid glamping sounds like fun, you can find out more details about this elegant glass tiny home from the Airbnb listing.

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