GKN Automotive Working on Next-Gen 800V Tech: What Does That Mean For You?

GKN Automotive has announced it is accelerating the development of its next-generation eDrive systems. This decision is a response to increasing EV demand and involves an all-new technology of 800V systems. But what does this mean for you? Let us explain what your future next car could have.
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Electric vehicle architectures based on 800V technology are already on the market, but most of them are under the body of expensive cars, like the Porsche Taycan. Implementing an 800V system allows automakers to deliver more energy to the motor, but also to the battery when it is being charged.

Another benefit of these 800V systems that are in development by GKN Automotive is a lower weight, improved performance, faster charging times, and enhanced battery range. In other words, all cars that will employ this system will be better in every way when compared to those available today.

According to GKN Automotive, the next generation of eDrive systems has had its development accelerated thanks to their partnership with Jaguar Racing in the Formula E series. Since the latter takes these systems to the limit on every race, engineers can learn the most out of what happens with they are driven hard and in demanding conditions.

Every system developed in racing conditions should provide exceptional reliability and performance in day-to-day life. Most current car technologies have been developed in some way or another through racing experience, which makes the GKN/Jaguar partnership in Formula E a thorough source of information for the development team.

What will 800V eDrive systems bring for your next car?

Firstly, electric vehicles that will employ this system will have a bigger range than current models without an increase in weight or battery size. The capacity of their batteries will increase through advancements in battery technology, and engineers are also working on making these batteries smaller and lighter.

Secondly, electric vehicles of tomorrow will be able to employ shorter charging times thanks to the 800V electric system. Eventually, charging times will reach reasonable values even for mass-market electric vehicles if these are fitted with an 800-Volt electric system.

What do we mean by reasonable charging times? We are referring to less than 30 minutes for a charge that is sufficient for over (200 km) 124 miles of range. Up to a point, some of these expectations are met by high-power chargers and high-end electric vehicles, but this ability will have to become mainstream to make electric vehicles work for the masses.

When are new 800V eDrive systems going to reach showrooms?

According to GKN Automotive, these all-new systems will be in production in three-year's time. Since Jaguar has decided to become an all-electric automaker from 2025, we can expect to see these systems in future Jaguar cars.

However, since GKN Automotive is a supplier for many automakers, these systems should be in more electric cars, not just those made by Jaguar. According to their statements, 2024 should be the year when several new electric cars will come with the all-new 800V eDrive system from GKN Automotive.
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