Girls of the 2016 Paris Motor Show

Things have been hectic in the auto industry lately, with automakers battling regulators, thousands of people and institutions suing and more competition than we've used to. However, we can always rely on the beautiful women at major auto shows to calm things down, if only for a short moment.
Girls of the 2016 Paris Motor Show 82 photos
So, what do we think of the Paris Motor Show this year? Well, after a not so impressive year in 2014, the glamor aspect is back. There's no good reason to have it, but that doesn't mean we should give up, just like pickles in a hamburger.

Ever since I started this job, Skoda's stands have been interesting. But the one in Paris this year was pretty big, complete with music, a media area and, of course, the girls. They always wear satin dresses and that Skoda pendant. In fact, I've tracked the blonde in the cover photo of this story to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.

One major surprise this year came from the twin Korean automakers. We already showed you what the female attendants looked like in the story about the all-new Rio, but the ones next to the i30 also managed to dwarf the car with their natural stature and high heels.

Lexus went all-out, hiring around 18 female staff for their boot. Unfortunately, quality is usually more important than quantity, especially when there are no cool cars in the vicinity either.

The Fiat group (we mean the Italian family, not the extended American one) was lacking the luster it had in the past few years. Somehow, the ladies standing next to the boat-themed stand had the classic pinup attire without the figure and the attitude.

Of course, another problem was that several major automakers just decided to skip the 2016 Paris Motor Show. This includes Lamborghini, a company that's known for using sex appeal as liberally as an Italian cooking with tomato sauce.

So, yeah, it's not all good but still an improvement over the last show. We can thank Skoda and Kia for that!


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