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Girlfriend Drifts Evo: Proof that Evo Drivers Are Good People

We’ve got the proof that Evo drivers are big-hearted people and we want to share it with you. This comes in the form of the adjacent video, which shows an Evo IX MR finished in Graphite Gray playing in the snow.
No, we’re not saying that using your Evo to clear the snow from people’s back yards makes you an OK guy. This is about something else. As you’ll be able to notice in the video, the Evo performs multiple drifts that take place at extremely low speeds, but the important fact is that the AWD machine is being controlled by a girl.

That’s right, the Evo’s driver placed his girlfriend behind the wheel and allowed her have some fun in the car. And if that doesn’t convince you of the generous size of his heart, just take a look at the description he used for the video: “My girlfriend driving our EVO in the snow”.


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