Gibbs Reveals Two-Up Quadski XL Amphibian

Gibbs Quadski XL 7 photos
Photo: Gibbs
Gibbs Quadski XLGibbs Quadski XLGibbs Quadski XLGibbs Quadski XLGibbs Quadski XLGibbs Quadski XL
Gibbs Sports reveals a new version of their amazing Quadski amphibian ATV, and this time you can bring a passenger with you and share the jaw-dropping on-land and on-water fun. The Quadski XL is here, doubling the offer with even more convenience and bang for the buck.
The wheelbase of the original Quadski grew by 11.8 inches (30 cm) and this also added to the storage capacity. The amphibian also receives some design and functional upgrades, such as the larger air intake on the hood, with the new air scoops providing better cooling for the engine and improving the overall performance. New bumpers and sponsons have been installed, and the Quadski XL shares the composite hull construction of the original 4-wheeler.

On the tech side, Gibbs Sports says that the transition from ATV to watercraft takes now around 2 seconds less, which brings us close to “almost instantaneous” realm, considering that the wheels retract or deploy in about 5 seconds or so.

Just like the first Quadski, the Quadski XL is powered by the BMW K1300S engine, an in-line 4 unit capable of producing 140 horsepower and 87lb-ft (118Nm) of torque, regardless of the environment. On water, the engine has both closed and open loop cooling, with closed loop on land. The RWD quad comes with 4 hydraulic brakes and independent suspensions, and is capable of reaching 45 mph (over 72 km/h) on water and on road, being not only a fast ATV, but also a very fast watercraft.

Quadski XL weighs 1437 lbs (652 kg curb) and rolls on 12” wheels, with a patented water jet in the other mode. No price was announced, but we can expect it to roll out a little higher than the $40,000 (€29,230) the Quadski retails for.

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 Download: Gibbs Quadski XL (PDF)


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