Giant's Roam E+ Bikes Are Ready To Handle Nearly Any Cycle Adventures You Can Think Of

If you're looking for a bicycle, there are a few teams that you should have in mind, and one of them is Giant Bicycles. Here, I ran across an electric wonder designed to be versatile, capable, and won't rip a hole in your pocket, well, not a very big one anyway.
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Folks, Giant Bicycles has been on the cycling market since 1972, making them one of those crews you can consider as a go-to for anything cycling. Sure, they aren't the only ones at the top of the game, running alongside greats like Trek, Specialized, and Bianchi, but they, too, design and build machines for the average Joe.

One of the lineups you need to be aware of, especially if you're looking for a versatile e-machine, is the Roam E+. Two bikes are available in this class, the GTS and STA, both of which start at $2,750 (€2,750 at current exchange rates), and the only difference is the frame shape, with the STA being a step-through style.

So, why bring to light another e-bike? Simply because it's the sort of machine that Giant has devised to be as versatile as possible, and all of that starts with nothing more than an aluminum frame. And yes, this versatility is achieved by blending features of road and mountain bikes, resulting in a sort of gravel bike? Yes, a question mark is a good way to end the previous sentence.

Roam E\+ GTS
To see what this two-wheeler has to offer, I want you to imagine that you've managed to get your hands on one, and it's now sitting in your garage and ready to go. If it's Monday, you probably need to head to work, but you also have a briefcase you need to bring along. Well, throw it onto the rear cargo rack you may have vouched for, and get to riding.

The moment you hop on and press the pedal, you'll feel a Giant SyncDrive Core motor that cranks out 50 Nm (37 ft-lb) of torque and can offer pedal support up to 20 mph (32 kph). Wait, Giant makes e-bike motors? Well, no, not really. Here, you'll feel the work of Yamaha, powering your electric experience. With a 400-watt-hour battery, the manufacturer's website shows that you can attain 93 miles (150 kilometers) of range. That's enough to have you recharging only once every few days.

Then again, if it's Friday, this bike shows off its other abilities. Let's say you've amassed a tad of stress during the week, and on your way home, you happen to see an off-road trail, and without thinking twice, you take it! Don't worry; it's here that you'll feel the magic of an SR Suntour fork with 63 mm (2.5 in) of travel and 700x45c tires.

Roam E\+ Motor
After you make it home, you take your shower and sit down for dinner with your significant other. With the lights finally out, it's time for bed. But, the next day, your plans take on another twist and turn. Because your loved one also owns an e-bike – maybe you both bought your own Roam E+ – it's time to take a bikepacking adventure. Remember, the Roam can be equipped with those cargo tracks I mentioned, ensuring you can bring all the gear you want and need to sleep under the stars. A second battery pack is always a good idea if you're into these sorts of adventures.

You know what? It's a simple machine that can do more than just your average e-bike, and above all, while it may burn a light hole in your pocket, it seems to make up for it with the absolute freedom to ride wherever you want and like; just a little something-something to consider.

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Images in the gallery include both the GTS and STA frame styles.


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