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Giant's Explore E+ Pro Series Aims To Ignite Urban and Outdoor Adventures With Versatility
There are countless e-bike designs; where to begin looking? In the hopes that I can help you clear up some confusion, I've decided to bring to light a class of electric wonders that take cycling to the next level in terms of versatility.

Giant's Explore E+ Pro Series Aims To Ignite Urban and Outdoor Adventures With Versatility

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We'll be paying some attention to an e-bike lineup dubbed the Explore E+ Pro by none other than Giant Bicycles. I'm sure you've heard of Giant before, and considering that this crew has been in this business since 1972, you can bet your bottom dollar that they have an excellent idea of what's going on in this industry. Giant is even considered one of the teams that can set future trends in motion.

Well, whether they're creating a new trend with the Explore, or simply giving the modern cyclist the machine that they seem to want, is up to you to decide; I'm here to tell you all about what you can achieve with these trinkets. So far, three machines are available under this class, and the least expensive, the E+ 1 Pro STA, is selling for around $3,500 (€3,500 at current exchange rates), while the E+ 0 Pro GTS is starting at no less than $4,500 (€ 4,500) through select dealerships. The question then remains: why the heck should I spend near or over $4K to own a bicycle? I'm glad this question comes up because this is the only way to get this ball rolling.

As you would expect, Giant chose the name they did for this two-wheeler for a reason; this bugger is designed to ride far, fast, and do it day in and day out, all the while feeling at home in an array of terrains and landscapes. Oh, and all of this magic starts with an aluminum frame.

Speaking of frames, upon my first impressions of these bikes, I realized that comfort and control are strong suits for the lineup. So to ensure that you can ride further than ever, Giant seems to have blended an array of traits and styles seen across a wide range of bicycles. For example, the front of the bike showcases a suspension fork while boasting a hardtail MTB design. The top tube then brings a slight gravel bike feel and clearance in case you catch a drop.

As for the downtube, this is where the Explore lineup starts to showcase all that makes it a tad different than the other guys. One of the essential features of the Explore is that each of the three bikes is equipped with a massive 625-watt battery that's good for up to 111 miles (179 kilometers) under optimum conditions—starting to understand why Giant is asking you to dish out this sort of cash?

Further down the line, a SyncDrive Pro motor is mounted dead center on the bike and is the BB. Best of all, this tiny powerhouse can generate up to 90 Nm (66 ft-lb) of torque and is electronically limited to an unspecified speed. Still, you'll probably receive a bike that abides by your local laws and regulations. Overall, the Pro can assist a rider with up to 360% of their initial power.

Now, I'm going to skip over the Shimano drivetrain and the RST pulse fork with 60 mm (2.36 in) of suspension. However, I won't be omitting the Explorer's innate ability to transform into one hell of a bikepacking monster. This is achieved by nothing more than the addition of features like fenders and a rear rack, but the ability to house a forward basket and countless other cargo bags on the frame is priceless.

I'll admit, there's a tad more to each model, but at the end of the day, I must leave some of their magic to your own discovery. If you're looking for a versatile e-bike that you can tune to fit most riding occasions, the Explore E+ is one aluminum two-wheeler worthy of a closer look.

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Images in the gallery showcase the Explore E+ 0 Pro GTS, 1 Pro GTS, and 1 Pro STA e-bikes.


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