Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Causes Terror Even Before Halloween

Big balloons are like kids on skateboards or puppies sitting at the top of stairs - when you see them, you just know something bad is going to happen, but you're always ready to have a good laugh.
Giant Inflatable Pumpkin Causes Terror Even Before Halloween 1 photo
Every major parade has a Spongebob that wants to get away or a Pikachu that gets deflated. But this Halloween pumpkin decided to cause a bit of trouble even before the holiday of the dead has begun.

Storm winds knocked an inflatable Halloween decoration loose from its anchoring. While it may look harmless at first, this thing is carrying a punch. The next video shows how a 25-foot (7.62 meters) object crosses a busy intersection. Because it's so slow, the cars can easily get out of the way, but the 350-pound (159 kg) orange jack-o'-lantern still finds a street light pole that it can bend.

"I was so shocked to see that it was like bouncing like a basketball all the way down the road. We showed up and it wasn't there and we spent the last 40 minutes driving around looking for it," said Patrick Sparkes with Big AZ Promotions, the company that owns this pumpkin.

According to 12news, it was originally part of the Peoria Monster Bash at the Peoria Sports Complex. After breaking loose, the pumpkin traveled for a quarter of a mile, through the parking lot of a business and over a wall.

Of course, everybody who's lost a beach ball to the wind knows they are impossible to chase down. However, the inflatable Halloween decoration eventually got stuck in a nearby park and was retrieved. Nobody was hurt, but you could say this tale is about spirits animating a pumpkin to terrorize a neighborhood.

While this one is made of plastic, the world's biggest jack-o'-lantern was grown by Larry Checkon and weighed 1,469 lb (666.33 kg). As for the record for the most pumpkins carved and lit in one place, that dates back to 2013 and stands at exactly 30,581.

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