GFG Sibylla Luxury Concept Shows Giugiaro Still Means Business

When your portfolio includes such iconic models such as the BMW M1, the first Lotus Esprit, and the original Maserati Ghibli, it doesn't matter that you're 79 - when you launch a new concept, everyone will want to have a look at it.
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Photo: Guido ten Brink/SB-Medien
GFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla ConceptGFG Style Sibylla Concept
Luckily, Giugiaro rarely (if ever) disappoints. You may or may not like his vision of what a car should look like, but regardless of which of the two sides you're on, you definitely can't say his creations are boring without crossing your fingers first.

His latest creation - though, to be exact, he's now working under the GFG (Giorgetto Fabrizio Giugiaro) Style brand, a design house he founded together with his son so it's more of a collective effort) - is called Sibylla, and it looks like... well, "nothing we've seen before" should do it.

Actually, its most intriguing feature - the fighter jet-like canopy that slides forward - might remind some of the Chevrolet Corvair Testudo, a prototype also penned by Giorgetto back in the '60s which had a similar system, though that one was hinged rather than on rails.

Access to the rear seats isn't exactly a boring affair either as it involves a pair of gullwing doors. Once inside, the driver and passengers can enjoy a multitude of large displays and the usual quality you would expect from a luxury model with Italian roots.

GFG Style didn't offer too much detail on the interior, so we're back to its exterior design which mixes aggressiveness with luxury (though the latter may be harder to spot from certain angles). The front end is dominated by a huge gaping whole framed by the thin headlights, a bit of chromed trim and a prominent splitter at the bottom.

The car is about the same length as a BMW 7 Series and sits 1.5 meters tall, but its shape certainly makes it look bulkier - almost like a crossover. The powertrain is left to anyone's guess with GFG Style and its partner, Chinese energy specialist Envision only saying it's electric and uses one electric motor for each of the axles.

Then again, this is only a concept with neither of the two companies willing to discuss whether it would make it into production one way or another. Either way, we're glad to see Giugiaro still has its place in the automotive world, and hopefully, the next time we'll get the chance to repeat that will be about a series model bearing the famous designer's signature.
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