Get a Load of What Your Life May Be Like in the Waterlillihaus, It's an Airbnb

Have you ever wondered what it may be like to float around on a lake, river, or ocean as you live out your daily life? This time around, you'll be taking a journey on a floating prefabricated home known as the Waterlillihaus.
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If what you've just read rings no bells, the Waterlillihaus (Lilli) is a structure designed and built by none other than SysHaus. This crew from Sao Paolo, Brazil seems to be taking a slightly different approach to mobile living; they're creating living spaces that include technology aimed at luxury, ease of use, and style.

As for the Lilli, it's the sort of habitat tapered to a certain type of adventurer, the kind that likes to explore and live their life without boundaries or limits, and all that is thanks to Lilli's ability to be used wherever you'd like. Best of all, because it's a prefabricated unit that's just dropped off on your doorstep, whenever you're ready for adventure, call up the movers and be on your way to new horizons.

Now, let's say you happen to get in touch with SysHaus and commission your very own Lilli. When that happens, you'll receive the container-like habitat you see, the deck, and furnishings too. Best of all, it'll be complete in just two days. But this means that just about any prefabricated home can be set up on a floating deck. That's only true if the house is built with this in mind. After all, not every structure can take the stresses exerted on a frame while undergoing the motions of the ocean.

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Once dropped off at your doorstep, you'll be looking at a home that comes in with a length of 39 feet (11.9 meters) and a width of 10 feet (3.04 meters); quite the habitat to be floating around on a local lake. And like any fully functioning home, there's space for four guests if a modular couch is installed, a kitchen and dining area for meals, and even a bathroom to ensure an easy-going life.

Sure, that's nice and all, but it's not really what makes Lilli so unique. The main attraction of this home isn't just that you can live while floating around on a local lake; it's the way it's built and what you'll do with it after it serves its purpose. According to Dwell, the entire habitat is constructed using 100% recyclable materials. This may not seem like a big deal, but once this habitat's shelf life is exhausted, the already "refurbished" woods seen in the home will, once again, be repurposed.

Waterlillihaus Living Room
Photo: SysHaus
Moreover, Lilli is built to leave as little a carbon footprint on the environment as possible. To achieve this, SysHaus uses floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light, with solar systems taking over during the night. Life-giving systems are designed to make use of the world around your home. For example, black and gray water tanks are subjected to "biological treatments" to purify the contents to environmentally safe standards. Get this, for water, Lilli will be using the surrounding waters for everything, including drinking. Don't worry; the purification system works its magic here too.

Finally, I need to point out that I could not find a price for such a habitat. However, if you want to get a feel for what it may be like to live like this, just head out to Sao Paolo, Brazil, and rent this bad boy as an Airbnb; dates for this year are still available. A two-night stay for two adults in the middle of July seems to be going for a tad over $800 (€760 at current exchange rates). Not an alarming rate considering the experience you'll be able to jot down in your journal.
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