Get a Fully Immersive Training Experience With the RPV2 Cycling Platform

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Photo: KOM Cycling
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With travel restrictions being what they are these days, it might be a bit harder than usual to keep up with your workout. If you’re a cyclist, however, no longer will you miss a session because it’s after curfew.
Ladies and gents, Kom Cycling is one of those teams that’s built on passion; they like to say obsession. Truth is, this company is rather new in comparison to other cycling majors, but since their beginning in 2016, they’ve grown to be recognized the world over. With hardware, accessories, and solutions like the one you see here, it’s no wonder.

The tool you see is known as the RPV2; it's a full-motion rocker plate to be used in cycling training. I'll be honest, it’s the sort of trinket that’s specifically designed to train cyclists, so if you don’t have much to do with two-wheelers, you may lose interest between these lines, but if you do, read up.

Most traditional cycling platforms pride themselves on being able to offer a simple place to spin your rear wheel, some have even gone a step further and include VR sessions and games. The RPV2 is supposed to get even closer to simulating a real ride by including a rocking mechanism within the platform.

RPV2 Cycle Training Platform
Photo: KOM Cycling
When you put in the $800 (€664 at current exchange rates) to get yourself one of these, you buy much more than just a training platform, you buy a workout machine. The platform is set up using three plates, each one performing a different function.

The base plate supports the entire contraption while also including a rail mechanism that offers 9 inches (22.9 centimeters) of forward and aft movement. This rail is also spring-loaded to offer a real kick-back feel. This movement moves both upper platforms.

The second feature is found between the top two plates. Here, the team brings back tech already used in a previous model, the RPV1. In between these two plates sit several inflatable rocker balls. Once inflated, the platform offers 13 degrees of horizontal motion, allowing you to tilt your bike as you pedal.

Together, these two systems offer a fully immersive training session that’s bound to offer an experience as close to the real deal as currently possible, for this sort of cash anyway. To top it all off, the RPV2 includes 13 different mounting slots, making it suitable for most trainers on the market.

RPV1 Cycle Training Platform
Photo: KOM Cycling
Overall, the plate comes in with a length of 64 inches (162.5 centimeters) and width of 34.5 inches (87.6 centimeters) at the widest point. A height of six inches (15 centimeters) and weight of just 66 lbs (30 kg), means you can easily move the RPV2 around a room and store it neatly in a corner when finished.

Out of the box, you’ll receive the rocker plate, five Velcro straps, inflatable balls and pump, and a level tool to set things straight. Put it all together, throw on you bike and training app, and away you go. Who says travel restrictions need to be lifted for you to get the workout you desire and need? The manufacturer's website also states that you can upgrade your existing RPV1 for $450 (€373 at current exchange rates).

Personally, I'm not big on indoor riding, but I do like a good workout, and this trinket looks like it’ll give more than just my leg muscles a run for their money. I’ll be considering tools like the RPV2 more and more as they’re getting closer to the real deal, and who knows when night rides will be a thing again.

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