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Germany's Buerstner Gives Taste of the Vanlife in a Copa Camper for Under $47K
Some of our readers are of the opinion that the RV market in the United States isn’t all that it’s marketed up to be. In that spirit, our journey has taken us to Europe to see how things are done elsewhere.

Germany's Buerstner Gives Taste of the Vanlife in a Copa Camper for Under $47K

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Folks, motorhomes are a big thing all over the world as humans have wanted to get away from it all since the dawn of civilization. I don’t know, those two just seem to go hands in hand; you have civilization, then you have people that want to get away from it.

Well, one crew that’s been making this possible since 1958 is Buerstner, a German motorhome manufacturer with a history in creating mobile homes and RVs since 1958, ranking them up there with Winnebago, Airstream, and another German manufacturer, Knaus.

One vehicle they offer from their lineup is a pop-top campervan known as the Copa. Probably named after the Copacabana because this thing is sure to bring you a good time. Best of all, it starts at a low price of €39,990 ($46,701 at current exchange rates). That’s it, that’s all you need to live the vanlife over in Europe.

As a base vehicle, Buerstner brings a Ford Transit Custom 2.0 with EcoBlue and 130 hp. Sure, it’s not some massive engine, but Europeans do things a bit differently; for vehicles like these, it’s about efficiency. However, optionally you can get yourself up to 185 hp with a 6-speed converter automatic transmission.

With countless safety features offered by Ford, inclusive of ABS and ESP, hill start aid, crosswind assist, and even a tire pressure monitor system, you know that your weekend getaway is going to happen. Electronic brake force distribution, emergency brake assist, and traction control add more security to your travels.

With a length of 497 cm (195.6 in), width of 199 cm (78.3 in), and height of 209 cm (82.3 in), the Copa should be able to handle tight Riviera roads with ease. With an unladen vehicle weight of 2,440 kg (5,379 lbs), another 750 kg (1,653 lbs) of payload can be brought along.

As small as the Copa may appear, inside this seemingly small space, room for up to six passengers, or four sleepy guests is available, and while the exterior of the Copa doesn’t really tell you the most about the living habitat, the interior is more than equipped for weekend getaways to some forgotten beach or mountainside.

Inside the Copa, features present themselves in a very simple and clean style; nothing complicated, but everything you need in its place. Take the galley as an example. Equipped with a two-burner stovetop, recessed fridge, and sink with faucet, this space is more than you’ll find in other campervans within this price range. Right next to the Galley, and central the van, a table sits hidden until the moment you need it with room for around five guests.

One downside owners may find is the lack of a toilet or bathroom. However, the Copa does include an external shower point where you can clean yourself. With the amount of storage space this campervan features, you shouldn’t have any problem grabbing yourself a portable toilet, if you don’t like taking care of things with a shovel that is.

As for sleeping quarters, the modular dining area can fit two guests, while another two sleepers can get some shut eye up above, as long as you’re parked and not flying down the highway. For everything else, be sure to let ol’ Buerstner know and, for an extra buck or two, you can create the campervan of your dreams.

Now, some readers may agree that this is more the sort of price range that campervans should fall in, but let’s not forget that there’s also something about those hundred-thousand-dollar machines you’ve seen on our site before.


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