German Police Receives New Passat GTE Plug-in Hybrid from Volkswagen

German Police Receives New Passat GTE Plug-in Hybrid 3 photos
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German Police Receive New Passat GTE HybridGerman Police Receive New Passat GTE Hybrid
Have you noticed how in the movies, the police has all sorts of crazy cars, including ones that fly? It's only natural for them to be up to date with the latest tech and so it comes as no surprise that the German police now boasts the first large plug-in hybrid built by Volkswagen. We are talking about the Passat GTE, which comes standard with the latest green technology hidden under an all-new 8th generation estate or sedan body design.
The Passat GTE is not just a green car. With 218 hp and 400 Nm of torque, it also has a dynamic side, making it a GTI of the electric car world. Another advantage is that it offers over 1,000 kilometers of range, which means the Passat can stay out on patrol for very long periods of time.

Offering us a glimpse into the first use of a German PHEV sedan as a patrol car, the Passat GTE will be used by the police in the Heligoland archipelago of islands, located in the North Seat. The use of cars and motorbikes is strictly prohibited there. Before 2006, the local policemen moved around on foot or by bicycle, after which they received their first patrol car, a Piaggio van… hardly the stuff of legend.

Stepping lightly on electrified grounds

Back in the summer of 2014, the Heligoland police also received a contingent of Golf GTE plug-in hybrids. They use pretty much the same powertrain as the Passat, though the bigger car has slightly more power. In both case, a 1.4-liter TSI turbo rated at roughly 150 hp (156 in the Passat) is combined with an electric motor that can drive the car independently.

There are numerous driving modes to choose from – ones that use the maximum output and others that conserve the battery. Volkswagen says the average fuel consumption of the Passat GTE can be as little as 2 liters per 100 km (141 mpg), corresponding to only 45 grams of CO2 emitted per kilometer.

The German federal government is keen to reduce the environmental impact of all automobiles under its wing. Volkswagen has always been a favorite with local police forces and only in October, the first all-electric e-Golf was also handed over to them.
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