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German Police Officers Make It 1-0 in the Cars Versus Bikes Match

In a scene worthy of the Godfather movie, a German police officer gets out of his patrol car slurping an ice cream cone. He does it slowly, with a commanding smile on his face. He doesn't need to say anything, he knows he's in control. Besides, he has a partner who isn't busy eating anything at the moment, so he'll just leave him do the talking.
Polizei vs. biker 1 photo
The whole incident started with two guys riding their motorcycles through what appears to be a fairly small unidentified town. The one in the back has his helmet camera on, but since the bike has no mirrors, we can't see what's happening behind. We can, however, hear a car sounding its horn, but that could mean anything.

The biker turns his head and, even though we can't see it, he presumably spots the police car and realizes that must have been where the honking was coming from. As he approaches a roundabout, he makes a sudden turn to the left and smashes on the gas. His dirt bike isn't exactly the best getaway vehicle, so after what could very well be the world's shortest pursuit, the police car catches up so he decides to pull over.

"I give up," he says, realizing his mistake, and then goes on to apologize: "I'm sorry." The officer in the right seat delivers his memorable scene as he exits the vehicle, while his partner immediately informs the rider his bike sucks ("You need a faster bike if you want to get away"), as well as the reason he was being stopped: his license plate was missing. If he knew about it and only pretended to be surprised, then he deserves an Oscar for his performance just as much as the ice cream officer. Anyway, he is asked for his papers and when they spot the camera, they also ask him politely to switch it off, to which he complies.

As the motorcycle rider takes off his helmet and prepares to stop the recording, it's the turn of the second officer to make a very strong claim for an Academy Award, this time for best writing. He just wants to make sure the biker understands how things stand, so he lectures him on the two vehicles involved. "Again," he begins. "Police [points towards him], good car [points toward the BMW X3]. This bike [points towards his two-wheeled vehicle] is worth nothing. Buy yourself a real bike." Ouch. That must have hurt more than the taser this man would have gotten if he were to attempt something similar in the US.


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