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German-Made Hydrogen Passenger Aircraft HY4 Reaches New Heights, Sets New World Record

A new world record has been set recently by a German-made hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft that managed to fly at altitudes never reached before by this type of airplane.
HY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft 7 photos
HY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraftHY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraftHY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraftHY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraftHY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraftHY4 hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft
The aircraft to achieve this important success was a four-seater called HY4, developed by Stuttgart-based company H2FLY. Founded in 2015, H2FLY aims to bring hydrogen fuel cell technology to the next level by delivering to market “the first qualified, fully hydrogen-electric aircraft powertrain.” Its HY4 is touted by the German developer as the world’s first hydrogen-electric passenger aircraft. It first took to the sky in 2016.

About a week ago, the four-seater managed to achieve a new world record, successfully flying at an altitude of 7,230 ft (2,203 m). According to H2FLY, this is the highest altitude ever reached by a hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft to date. And this is not the only big achievement of the HY4 demonstrator, which also took a 77-mile (124 km) journey between Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen a day before that, marking another world’s first, as claimed by H2FLY.

Boasting about the HY4’s impressive flight, Prof. Dr. Josef Kallo, the company’s CEO, stated that “no other hydrogen-powered passenger aircraft has flown between two commercial airports to date”.
There’s a reason why the four-seater chose Friedrichshafen as its destination, as the aircraft will participate in the AERO Friedrichshafen airshow that is scheduled to take place in a few days, between April 27 and April 30. The HY4 will be introduced to the public for the first time at the event, where it will be exhibited until the end of the month, in Hall A7.

So far, the hydrogen-powered aircraft has only been tested in the test area around Stuttgart Airport. The plane has been put through extensive trials in several flight campaigns, boasting over 90 takeoffs to date. The HY4 also serves as a test platform meant to help H2FLY develop a larger, hydrogen-electric-powered plane, namely the 40-seat Dornier 328, which is scheduled for completion by 2025. It will be built in collaboration with Deutsche Aircraft.

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