German Driver Runs Scooter Down, Flees, Not Too Concerned when Caught Up and Filmed

A driver running a scooter down and fleeing 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
In case your Sunday was perfect until now, here's a piece of video that will grind your gears. It's not from Russia, as some (judgemental) fellows maybe thought. We're dealing with some fine German hit and run action, but the icing on the cake is what follows after the crash.
The whole thing is video taped by the on-board camera of a motorcycle. We can see how the driver intentionally hits the scooter, sending its rider to the ground, luckily not in front of traffic approaching on the other side of the road.

The scooter rider tumbles on the asphalt, the passenger on the camera bike jumps off to check out the fallen rider's status and escorts him to the sidewalk. The camera bike then takes off in pursuit of the VW that drives on as if nothing happened.

"He showed me the finger, what else should I do?"

As the chaser catches up with the driver in a parking lot, things get crazy. The rider tells the Touran driver that he saw everything and gets a mind-boggling answer.

"Did you see him showing me the finger? What else should I do?" the driver asks. "You just can't run him over!" the rider replies. The Driver seems just fine with his deed, and doesn't look too concerned with what may have happened to the rider.

Making things even worse, he starts questioning whether the rider is a police officer and asks for a "card" or badge. Honestly, we dare guess that the driver is NOT a German guy. Otherwise, his attitude towards a guy that MIGHT be a cop would have been completely different.

The rider tells this guy that he left the scooter rider injured in the middle of the road and that he intends to call the police. The video stops as the rider is taking off his gloves and prepares to call the cops.

Now, knowing how things roll in Germany, we bet this driver will regret his idiotic, almost murderous actions very soon. The fines and other penalties for such irresponsible actions are pretty high in Germany and the state is not at all tolerant with such behaviour.

Then, it will be the lawsuit for injuries and property damage the scooter rider will most likely initiate, seeking compensations. This moron driver has good odds to ending up in jail and honestly, we'll have a pint for that.

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